Visit Florence with your four-legged friend

A man’s best friend, and part of our journey

Animals are so often a part of our lives and it is not always possible to leave them at home, especially when we decide to depart on our travels with the whole family (of which our animals are integral members) or if we are by ourselves and we wish to share our travelling experiences with our faithful friends.

Embarking on a trip with our dogs can be challenging, especially if we are not familiar with the destination that will be our new home for a few days. For this reason, animal lover Alberto Galante has decided to dedicate a selection of Case Galante apartments to our four-legged friends. At the time of booking or initial contact you will be asked to provide some basic information regarding your pet so they can be provided with a welcome kit all of their own!

This is what will await your animals on arrival:

  • Food and water bowls (stainless steel)
  • Washable rug (plastic)
  • Dog basket (90 cm)
  • Disposable liner sheets
  • Waste bags
  • Complimentary tasty snack

The welcome kit (for animals of up to 10 KG) costs 90 euro.

Together with the information you receive on check-in regarding your apartment, you will be provided with names of dog sitter agencies and a list of local vets available for home visits.

Pet friendly Florence and Tuscany – discovering green oases and hidden hamlets

Not only is Florence known as the ‘Cradle of the Renaissance’ due to the rich variety of monuments and museums but it is also considered a physical cradle, being surrounded by hills and headlands such as Fiesole and Settignano, perfect for your furry friends and from where the city of Florence can be admired in all her glory.

The hills of Bellosguardo, Fiesole and Settignano are only some of the nearby spots, which can be also reached on foot through tracks and woodland, from where you can enjoy some of the most breath taking views of the city.

In these hillside locations life simply seems to pass more slowly and it is quite easy to stumble upon a local market, especially at weekends during autumn and spring, to add some flavours of local life to your trip, which is what a holiday in Tuscany’s capital city is all about!


  • What are the ‘pet friendly’ apartments equipped with?

The apartments selected as ‘dog friendly’ are regular apartments where, on request, guests can receive a welcome kit to provide for your animal’s needs and make your stay more comfortable. 

  • How much does the animal welcome kit cost?

The cost of the welcome kit varies depending on the size of dog and/or particular requirements with a minimum cost of 90 euro.

  • Which museums accept animals?

Florence is incredibly hospitable towards our four-legged friends but this website gives some important information about where it is possible to visit:

  • Which restaurants and trattorias in the area welcome animals?

Generally speaking, most dogs, especially smaller ones, are very welcome but we advise always checking in advance (ideally by phone). This website also provides some further useful info: 

  • Which parks or open spaces do you recommend for animals?

At the time of booking, or during the check in process, we will happily show you a selection of spots for some great walks with our beloved travel companions. You can also find some extra info here: 

  • Are there any vets in the neighbourhood?

Below you will find a list of local veterinary services: 

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